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Services that our customers value

Tree work isn't a walk in the park, and it poses significant risks if entrusted to an amateur. Avoid the temptation to have someone unqualified trim or remove your trees; without the proper equipment and training, you could end up paying more in the long run.
Instead, rely on Root River Tree Service to provide tree services for your property. We've spent years developing the skills and tools to provide professional and safe tree services to enhance properties all over our area. And, being an ISA Certified Arborist company allows us to precisely deliver the tree care your property needs.
Customers trust and value us for these great services:

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Tree Trimming

Elevate your curb appeal while ensuring safe clearance around structures, driveways, and roadways.


Tree Removals

Dead ash trees - we're looking at you! From straightforward removals to complicated removals with limited access, we have the training and equipment to safely remove unwanted trees.


Crane-Assisted Tree Removals

Attention, towering cottonwoods! Sometimes, the only way to safely remove a limited access tree or a very large tree is to dismantle the tree section by section with heavy lifting equipment. We've got you covered.


Emergency Tree Care

Structure damage? Get in Touch ASAP if a tree has damaged your structure and you need it safely removed. We'll swiftly and safely remove it, allowing insurance and contractors to get working on repairs promptly.


Land Clearing and

Our upcoming excavation/forestry division can provide site prep for your project, from removals for new construction or existing forestry management & improvements. Inquire with us today so we can help you plan your site project.


Municipal and Commercial

We are trusted again and again by local municipalities and businesses when it comes to efficient and reliable tree care. We demonstrate professionalism and quality during the bidding and contracting process, ensuring well-maintained city streets, parks, and commercial sites.

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